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November 11, 2005


They are fun - I keep meaning to do some blind contour self-portraits - its the best way to avoid the censor!

Well consider yourself tagged (which I just did on your site) to do a blind contour self portrait.

Hey, didn't you do a post similar to this a while back? Are you cheatin', ms J! Regardless, cute drawings ;D.

Tag completed... though not quite the way I'd intended...thanks for pushing beyond the I keep meaning to...

whoops I meant "pushing me beyond"

Yeah sort of cheating. Well yes cheating. I did a self portrait before but just one and there's lots of these so it doesn't count as cheating. There.

Blind contour has always been a difficult thing for me because I do not often allow myself to "let go." Yours, however, are so free and sweet! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such a kind comment a while ago - I apologize for not responding until now, as life has been a bit challenging!

Hi! Wow, multiple you's! Nice! Looks like you had fun doing these BCs! ;-D

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